Our Mission

The Second Chance mission is to provide transitional housing and supportive services for individuals after being incarcerated.

The ‘Second Chance’ Program:

Second Chance: Our non-profit (501c3) community outreach, skill development, and transitional housing center specifically designed to help young adults assimilate back into the community after being incarcerated. We serve high-crime, high-poverty communities, striving to enhance both adult and young adult reentry strategies through collaboration with the field, as well as identify and respond to emerging or chronic re-entry challenges. Approximately 9 million people are released from jail each year. Only half of incarcerated adults have a high school degree or equivalent. Employment rates and earning histories of people in prison and jail are often low before incarceration as a result of limited education, low job skill levels, and the prevalence of physical and mental health problems; incarceration only exacerbates these challenges. Second Chance provides transitional housing and supportive services for individuals, families and single parents transitioning from prison, homelessness and unemployment to productive and meaningful lives.


We are here not for income, but for outcome

AMERICAN HOPE FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization that works to bring people together to challenge poverty in creative ways.
We believe that in every community, there are individuals who have untapped potential to make their community a better place but lack the necessities (training, structures, financial resources, etc.) to further their work.

Employment Assistance

We believe in a comprehensive approach to helping families pull themselves above

Housing Project

Housing insecurity is often interconnected with prolonged poverty. We work to